It’s simple; your track is your choice! The participant can run in their home, terrace, garden, local park or road and even on a treadmill. At a time of social distancing, it is the perfect way to fuel your employees’ passion while keeping their safety in mind!

You can get running on either the 17th or 18th October 2020! For more information, we have a guide to virtual running for you with all the steps laid out.

Click here to access your guide to virtual running! 

Please note* To ensure effective and accurate tracking of distance and timing; you will need to turn on your GPS as you run.  Apps chosen by the runner for the event should display the timing, GPS and distance covered. Discrepancies in the data will be taken into consideration and may result in the elimination of the participant.

  • Date: 17th and 18th October 2020. 
  • Time: It’s up to you. Run at your own convenience but ensure you submit your total time and distance by 11:59 PM, 18th October 2020.
  • Place: Your track is your choice! You can run in your home, terrace, local park or road and even on a  T-shirt and medal – ₹600

Yes, you must cover the entire distance at one shot.

E-certificates will be provided to the participants in order to commemorate their running experience. Depending on which package you have been registered for by your company; you will receive the offerings attached to it.

Yes! If you have registered for the run, depending on the package you are registered for; you will receive the memorabilia attached to it even if you have not taken part in the run.

Yes! There is a Team-based Tandem Relay 5K x 4.  
Four participants can form a team and take part in the event. These participants can either run together and complete 5K each or run individually and share their distance and timing as a team of four. However, each participant must ensure they have completed 5K.

No. The participant can only be a part of one team for relay.

Yes!  However, if a participant is running in two categories, it has to be completed separately. For example: 5K on 17th and 10K on 18th October 2020Please note that if an employee wishes to participate in two categories; registration fees will apply for each category respectively.